About the tournament

Welcome to the historic Women’s and Men’s World Bandy Championships 2023!

The Swedish Bandy Federation is proud to welcome visiting nations, officials and the public to this unique world championship. For the first time ever in history the women’s and men’s WC will be played simultaneously on the same ice, under the same roof.

For some time now, we are living in a world where human rights and the right to live in freedom, more than ever, is being put to severe tests.
Therefore sports, and in this case the sport of bandy, play an even more important role. All of us, the spectators and athletes who gather in Åby, represent the interpersonal values, shared experience and great competition resting on strong humanitarian grounds. We are also extra proud and honoured to welcome the Ukrainian women’s national team to the tournament.
The Swedish Bandy Federation feel pride and great gratitude towards our partners, Växjö Municipality, Växjö & CO and Åby Tjureda IF, for their way of once again taking on a WC arrangement with all that it means for the nations, visitors and non-profit forces.

We hope that Women’s and Men’s World Bandy Championships 2023 in Växjö/Åby will be a festive event where we celebrate bandy, camaraderie and commitment. Together we create memories and build bridges to meet the future.

Welcome to the Women’s and Men’s World Bandy Championships 2023
Gisela Stockhaus
Chairman of the Swedish Bandy Federation



Tuesday, March 28
17.30 Gathering for parade at Hemmakväll

18.00 Inauguration begins with speeches from County Governor Maria Arnholm
and municipal board chairman Malin Lauber
18.10 Maja Magnusson and Linnea Andersson perform the official WC song
18.20 Inauguration ends

Participating in the parade does:

All nations and teams
Children from Åby Tjureda IF
Band and cheerleaders
Representatives from Växjö municipality, Åby Tjureda IF and the Swedish Bandy Federation


The WC is decided March 28-April 2.

B WC on the men’s side will be played March 24-27.

Participating Nations

Group A, Men: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Kazakhstan, USA.

Group A Women: Sweden, Finland, USA, Netherlands, Ukraine, Switzerland.

Group B, Men: Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland.


The tournament in Växjö/Åby is organized by Växjö Municipality, Åby/Tjureda IF, Växjö & CO and the Swedish Bandy Federation.