Now it is clear that Bonnier News, with platforms such as Expressen and Bandypuls, will broadcast Sweden’s women’s and men’s matches from the WC in Växjö/Åby March 28 to April 2. It is already clear that SVT will broadcast the women’s and men’s finals on Sunday.

On March 28, the A-WC starts in Växjö/Åby, where Sweden is represented by the women’s and men’s national teams. The championship is completely unique as both the women’s and men’s WC are decided at the same time in the same place, Eriksson Arena in Åby.

It has already been clear that SVT will broadcast the finals, which will be played on April 2. Now it is also clear that Bonnier News broadcasts all of Sweden’s matches via its local brand platforms and Sport ExpressenPlay.

– We are very pleased to once again collaborate with Bonnier News. It is important that Sweden’s World Cup matches reach as many people as possible and that the broadcasts are of high quality, which we have now ensured. This will further raise the party atmosphere around the championship, says Pär Gustafsson, secretary general of the Swedish Bandy Federation.

– Cool that we are broadcasting the WC again. We’ve had a lot of interest in previous championships that we’ve broadcast, says Andreas Tagg, editor-in-chief at Bandypuls.

Major investment in live sport

Bonnier News has been investing in live sports for a few years now and has recently presented several new rights, such as the qualifiers for the Hockeyallsvenskan, the hockey playoffs for juniors and Elitettan.  The next event will therefore be the WC in Växjö/Åby.

– We are accelerating our investment in terms of sports rights and adding a WC to our portfolio is completely in line with our strategy to offer sports that engage our audience, says Mattias Wallström, head of live sports at Bonnier News.

Bandypuls has broadcast from the three most recent bandy WCs that have been played – 2017, 2018 and 2019. Now Bonnier News’ investment is being expanded when the matches will also be broadcast on Expressen.

– It is perfect for our audience to see when a popular Swedish national team will try to become world champions, says Pontus Weinemo, strategic sports director at Expressen.

Other matches during the men’s B WC and women’s and men’s WC will be streamed via AI cameras and can be seen at