Foto: Dan Persson

The Germans entered the game with scoring machines Michael Dunaev (24 points in seven games in total in the championship) and Alexander Kolyagin (20 points in five games), but in the final the stars had a hard time breaking free. Something that was Hungary’s clear plan before the match.

– It’s a tough final against a good Germany, which I actually think we’re tearing apart today. They have two good players that they go to a lot, and we keep them on the outside a lot, says Hungary’s Dennis Pacsay, who usually plays in Falu BS and named B WC’s best forward three years ago.

Mentioned Dunaev did indeed give the Germans the lead late in the first half and it also turned out to be the only goal of the match in regular time. The second half, however, contained a full five minutes of added time and once the clock had ticked into these, Dennis Pacsay stepped into the action.

1-1, the 23-year-old pounded there in the first extra minute and when the clock ticked up to 64 (the matches in the B-WC are all played over 2×30 minutes) Hungary got a right corner. Katrineholm’s player Jesper Nagy went out to hit it, but before he could do so one of the intended German rushers was sent off for sabotage. A sending off that turned out to result in Dennis Pacsay having more time than expected to set his sights and shoot in the golden goal to make it 2–1.

– It was a good run and it was probably a bit of a fluke that their first rusher gets sent off just before so that they only had one rusher, so it was quite open there, says Pacsay and continues to describe the significance of the WC gold.

– It means a lot. Especially when we won three years ago and would have played the A-VM after that. We had to stay here, but now we show again that we will at least try to make some good matches up in the A-VM.

The bronze medal in the B World Cup was won by the Netherlands after a comfortable 4-0 victory against Slovakia earlier on Sunday and before that the Czech Republic had also managed to win the match for fifth place with 4-2 against Switzerland.